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Welcome to the Saint’s Bad Credit Loan information site. We exist for one purpose and that is to give you the most frank and straight forward information about having bad credit. You will not find information like this anywhere else on the internet. We tell it like it is and most people won’t like what they will hear but we’ll say it anyway. Below we have listed some important bad credit loan and credit repair issues that we would like to discuss:

The Actual Meaning of Bad Credit
We explore what the true meaning of bad credit is. It extends a bit further than having a bad credit score and we will attempt to show you what the extra connotations of having “bad credit” means to the average person.

The Determination of Credit Score
We will show you in detail how credit scores are determined in the US. With this information you can look at areas to improve so that you can push your credit score a bit higher.

Bad Credit Scores and Loans
We look at obtaining bad credit loans even if you have a bad credit score. There are a few intricacies and matters that you should consider before applying so you have a better chance at getting the loan approved.

Consequences of an Adverse Credit History
We look at the problems that people with bad credit histories will normally face. We also look at how you can structure your come-back so you can avoid some of the problems associated with having an adverse credit history.

Alternative Credit Tools for Those with Bad Credit
We look at other financial products that people with bad credit histories can readily use in replacement of bad credit loans. We also look into the effectiveness and safety of each different product.

The Credit Bureaus
The history and purpose of credit bureaus explained. We look at the institution and why they serve a purpose. We also look at ways you can use the bureaucracy to your favor.

The Meaning of Credit Repair
We look at what credit repair means that its most basic element. We also confront the notion that you can pay to have your credit score improved. Why in all honesty you can probably do it yourself.

Common Facts and Falsehoods of Bad Credit
We look at some of the nonsense that has been floating around regarding bad credit histories and set the playing field straight so you can get a better idea of how you can improve yourself.


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The Economy is Improving
With the economy on the up, the tightness that we saw in the credit market is slowly being lost.

The affect of this is that you should find getting loans, even if you have the worst credit to be much easier than before.

You should not accept rates that are over the roof anymore, competition is coming back in and rates on the whole should be falling.

Guaranteed Personal Loans - Any credit history